Develop Strong Biblical Disciplines

Learn to see the world from a kingdom perspective and leave shallow teaching behind. Torah Club is an interactive and discussion-based Bible study that puts the Jewish Jesus at the center of everything.

Club Resources

Torah Club Members receive comprehensive lesson workbooks for each Torah portion, including Bible commentary and study guides. Weekly club meetings feature a short video teaching on the weekly Torah portion from First Fruits of Zion teachers.

Portion Connections

Portion Connections

A weekly 20-minute update and lesson introduction connects the global Torah Club community and leads the club into discussion.

Student Resources

Lesson Books

Fifty-four lesson workbooks (one for each Torah portion) contain more than 24 pages of in-depth commentary on the weekly Bible reading.

Unrolling the Scroll

Education Director, D. Thomas Lancaster, gives a concise overview of our first year of Torah Club: Unrolling the Scroll. Whether this is your first time going through the cycle or you’ve been studying Torah for many years, Unrolling the Scroll is full of new insights for everyone.

What You Get with Torah Club Membership

Students pay only $60 for a year-long membership to Torah Club. Members receive quality resources and exclusive benefits. Membership extends learning and connections far beyond the club meeting.

Access: Students attend one home club, but can request to visit other clubs worldwide when traveling.

Student Workbooks: Fifty-four workbooks with weekly Torah commentary and focus questions.

Portion Connections: Weekly online video teaching presented by FFOZ Torah Club team.

Online Teachings: Access to a library of supplemental online video teachings from FFOZ.

Messiah Magazine: Annual subscription to our flagship Messiah Magazine.

Club Hub: Private social platform for Club members, locally and worldwide. An online library of excerpts and teachings from Torah Club materials.

Complete Commentaries: Exclusive option to purchase casebound Torah Club commentary sets.

Finding a Club Near You

Use the interactive Club Finder to find a Torah Club in your area. Click the 'Connect' button next to the club name to request info about that particular club — there are various types of clubs: for women, men, and families. The local Torah Club Leader will respond to your interest, share info about the nature of that club, and invite you to join.

When you receive an invite and Club Code from the Torah Club Leader, you will be able to sign up to become a Torah Club Member.

Watch this video for instructions on signing up after receiving a Club Code.

Torah Club-Finder Map

Torah Club-Finder Map

How to Join a Club

How to Join a Club
This tutorial shows the steps a potential student needs to follow in order to sign up for a club using a unique Club Code received from a Torah Club Leader.

Find a Club and Become a Member

Open the Student Brochure
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