Learning and Community

Looking for real teaching and genuine fellowship? Join the Club! It’s not just books and head-knowledge; it’s people, relationships, and real social engagement in the form of weekly study groups. If you believe that an encounter with God’s Word should be life-changing, we have a place at the table saved for you.

Why Torah Club?

Torah Club Director, Ryan Lambert, briefly explains what the Torah is and how Torah Club Members uncover the foundations of their faith and understand the Gospels better.

Six Things Members Love About Being in the Club

Torah Club is not for everyone. Some people prefer the shallow waters, some prefer sensationalism, but we are about serious learning and healthy community. Torah Club is where disciples learn about their faith from a Jewish perspective. Club members love Torah Club because …

  • It Is Affordable

    1. It’s Affordable

    Club members love the affordable price. You receive membership, study materials, and other benefits for only $60.00 a year.

  • It Is Fresh

    2. It’s Fresh

    Club members love the fresh perspective. You learn about Yeshua-faith and the Bible from a Post-Supersessionist perspective and without replacement theology.

  • It Is Deep

    3. It’s Deep

    Club members love the depth of study. You get serious Bible study with enough content and depth to inspire a lifetime of learning.

  • It Is Interactive

    4. It’s Interactive

    Club members love the conversational style of Bible study. You enjoy fellowship and friendships based on God's Word and godly living.

  • It Is Applicable

    5. It’s Applicable

    Club members love practical applications. You learn how the Bible applies directly to your life and provides answers to life’s problems.

  • It Is Prophetic

    6. It’s Prophetic

    Club members love being part of Bible prophecy. You participate in the Bible’s prophecies about the Torah going forth to all nations and a restoration of God’s people—both Jews and Christians.

Torah Club is a community for discussion, shared learning, and good fellowship

Three Simple Words

This isn’t the local social club. Torah Club is “Where Disciples Learn.” It is people with a passion for God’s Word and the truth of the gospel coming together to make sense out of the Bible and apply its spiritual truths to real life. If we aren’t spiritually growing together, we aren’t doing our job.

Club Pledge

Check your agenda at the door. Torah Club is not a theological war zone. Club members take a sincere pledge to create a culture that is “peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere” (James 3:17), avoiding “foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the Torah, for they are unprofitable and worthless” (Titus 3:9).

Find a Club

Torah Club Leaders

Club Leaders

Torah Club Leaders are not loose cannons. Every Torah Club Leader has agreed to FFOZ’s statement of faith and has been vetted by our team members. We have made an effort to find good-hearted and gracious people who represent our tone and values, and we provide ongoing training, oversight, and accountability through our Torah Club team.