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For Disciples Seeking Something More

Small-group communities of serious disciples who study, discuss, and share in learning and fellowship.

Pictured: Micka B., Torah Club Student

A Jewish Way of Learning for Christians

David Seeley Ixonia, WI, Torah Club Leader since 2018
An Ongoing Bible Study

Torah Club’s weekly lessons study the Bible passages read from week to week in Jewish synagogues since before the time of Jesus. It’s the way Jesus studied. This traditional, disciplined approach makes Bible study exciting and opens new spiritual depths.

You receive a 24-page lesson workbook every week with Bible readings, in-depth commentary, study questions, group discussion questions, and more.

Before the weekly meeting, students read through the assigned Bible readings and the lesson workbook.

Attend the weekly meeting to discuss the lesson and explore the Scriptures with the other members of your Torah Club.

Torah Club, Gyeongsan
Torah Club, Gyeongsan, South Korea Studying together since 2019
What Happens Weekly in the Club

Clubs meet once a week. If you’re like most club members, it will quickly become the highlight of your week. Bible study brings us together to grow in friendship and discipleship, and Torah Club makes it exciting as we uncover the foundations of our faith from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Clubs begin with fellowship and prayer as friends connect.

The club leader shares a short fifteen-minute video teaching from our teachers.

The club leader facilitates a robust group discussion over key insights from the weekly lesson.

Torah Club, Kent
Torah Club, Kent, OH Studying together since 2021
How Do I Join Today?

Torah Club is simultaneously a local and global community, connected by our love for Jesus and our desire to become better disciples. Find an in-home club in your area or an online club that suits your schedule.

Find a club and review the club details. Contact the leader of that club to inquire about joining. This is a great time to ask questions and get to know one another.

Once you’ve joined a club, you receive your first set of lesson workbooks and are ready to participate.

Receive online access to a library of Bible study resources and Club Hub, a private social platform connecting club members worldwide.

The Club Is Always Open

When it comes to strengthening your walk with God, the best time to start is always now. You can join or start a club at anytime.

Torah Club Greer, SC Studying together since 2018
The Beginning of Wisdom
The Beginning of Wisdom Workbooks

Lesson Track — October 2022-2023

“Fools have no interest in understanding.”

Proverbs 18:2

Today’s world has gone crazy, but God’s wisdom is the antidote to the insanity. In times such as these, it’s urgent for disciples of Jesus to get grounded in the Bible that Jesus read and taught. Torah Club’s all-new year-long Bible study track (2022–2023), The Beginning of Wisdom, offers solid biblical wisdom from the Old Testament, all explained from a Messianic Jewish perspective. It’s for anyone who wants to become a better disciple of Jesus by taking hold of the wisdom of His teachings lest the flood of an increasingly godless world sweeps us away.

Comprehensive resources to help you learn better.

This year’s study track is The Beginning of Wisdom. Torah Club is unique as it draws from historical Jewish and Christian sources. All material is well-researched and thoroughly sourced, yet easy to read.

Download Sample Workbook

Lesson Workbooks

Workbooks contain in-depth commentary on the weekly Bible reading with Focus Questions, for each lesson.

Watch Video

Portion Connections Video

A weekly update and lesson introduction connects the global Torah Club community and leads the club into discussion.

Listen to Audio

Audiobook Format

Listen to the lesson on-the-go. Torah Club provides a weekly audiobook of the lesson material.

The Beginning of Wisdom

A Dedicated Team on a Kingdom Mission

Our team is made up of Jewish and Gentile disciples who are passionate about restoring the Bible back to its Jewish foundations.

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