Bible Students Are Seeking More!

Today’s Christian seeks more than just creeds and dogma, and is driven to explore the Bible as it was understood by the Jewish writers of the New Testament.

For more than thirty years Torah Club has provided comprehensive resources that allow members to invest in learning and real spiritual growth.

Club Resources

Torah Club Leaders and Students receive comprehensive resources for each lesson, including Bible commentary and study guides. Weekly club meetings feature a short video teaching on the lesson.

Watch a sample of Portion Connections

Portion Connections

A weekly update and lesson introduction connects the global Torah Club community and leads the club into discussion.

View a Sample Student Workbook

Lesson Workbooks

Workbooks contain in-depth commentary on the weekly Bible reading with Focus Questions, for each lesson.

What Membership Gives You

For a year-long Torah Club Membership, students pay only $60. Members receive quality resources and exclusive benefits.* Membership extends learning and connections far beyond the weekly club meetings.

Access: Students have a home club, but can visit other clubs worldwide when traveling.

Student Workbooks: For each lesson of the year with in-depth commentary on the weekly Bible reading with Focus Questions.

Portion Connections: Weekly online video teaching presented by FFOZ Torah Club team.

Online Teachings: Access to a library of supplemental online video teachings from FFOZ.

Messiah Magazine: Annual subscription to our flagship publication Messiah Magazine.

Club Hub: Private social platform for Club members, locally and worldwide. An online library of excerpts and teachings from Torah Club materials.

Complete Commentaries: Exclusive option to purchase complete Torah Club commentary sets at a discount.

* Torah Club resources are accessible only to members who participate in their local clubs. Torah Club is not an online or independent study.

Club Hub, Where Clubs Connect

Connect with the Community

Club Hub extends your community by connecting you with other Torah Club Members and Leaders throughout the world. Engage in ongoing learning and discussions: ask and answer — support and encourage. Club Hub is Torah Club’s private social network connecting our clubs and serving our community beyond the local meeting.

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