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One-year student membership fee: $60 (USD) per member.

To process your membership, you must have a Club Code from a local Torah Club Leader. The local leader determines Torah Club membership.

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Membership Policies

Payment Policy: The membership fee of $60 USD is a one-time payment and valid for a one-year membership. Monthly payments are not available for Torah Club membership.

Spouse of Leader: The spouse of an approved leader can participate as either a co-leader or as a student without paying additional fees. This "plus-one" benefit is not transferable to another student in the club, it is available only to married spouses who share in their FFOZ Friend contribution.

Scholarship Policy: Scholarships and payment plans are not available from Torah Club. Instead, students with financial difficulties should contact their local leader to see if their need can be met by the local Torah Club. We encourage each club to set up a scholarship fund that can be used when prospective members are unable to afford the yearly membership fee.

Refund Policy: Full refund is available within thirty days after date of registration. After thirty days no refund is available. Refund must be requested in writing through: