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Torah Club is a small-group Bible study community, discovering the Scriptures from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

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Discover why Torah Club is one of the fastest-growing Bible studies in the world.

Study the Bible Jesus Taught

The first five books of the Bible are the foundation for all the rest. Yet they are among the most neg­lected. When the Bible is studied, it is often mis­understood because we’ve lost the Jewish context.

Torah Club gives you the tools you need to under­stand the Bible in its original historical frame­work. Reawaken your faith, gain new insights into the Scriptures, and take your relationship with the Jewish Messiah to a whole new level.

Join a worldwide learning community of disciples.

Understand your Bible in its historical Jewish context.

Learn from ancient Jewish and Christian sources.

Stay on track with written lessons and video commentary.

Participate in informed, meaningful discussions each week.

Connect with a real community of like-minded believers.

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  • “I’m so thankful to continue to participate in Torah Club and in service to the Kingdom!! Love to all at FFOZ.”

    Beth L. Torah Club Student Missouri, USA

  • “Torah Club has given me the resources and experience to consistently learn the Jewish context. Being part of a Torah Club has made that study fun, and very worthwhile.”

    Stephanie S. Torah Club Student Alabama, USA

  • “I grew up in a Baptist church. Being led to Torah Club and having the Lord reveal to me the importance of Torah has been life-changing. I have learned so much.”

    Cade S. Torah Club Student Florida, USA

  • “Torah Club has played a very important role and become a very important part of my faith in Yeshua, in a daily walk.”

    Ken M. Torah Club Student England, Great Britain

  • “Before God introduced me to FFOZ, I was only scratching the surface in my study of His word. He is revealing so much of Himself through the Jewish lens of His word...”

    Katherine B. Torah Club Student North Carolina, USA

  • “Being part of Torah Club has re-kindled a fire in me to study the Scriptures and has definitely helped me in my walk with God.”

    Joana P. Torah Club Student Pennsylvania, USA

  • “This is a journey I have been on for 20 years. It has connected me to other believers following this path of discipleship to our Jewish Jesus. So grateful for your ministry!!”

    Laurie K. Torah Club Student New Jersey, USA

  • “Torah Club has given me a very good foundation for spiritual growth, knowledge and understanding of the Bible in its cultural and historical context.”

    Ireen B. Torah Club Student Winnipeg, Canada

  • “Torah Club is by far the best bible study I have encountered. It has helped me understand and remove a lot of replacement theology from my life way.”

    Carel K. Torah Club Student Pretoria, South Africa

Torah Club is a community for discussion, shared learning, and good fellowship!

How Have Members Grown Through the Torah Club?

2022 Member Survey Results

2000+ Respondents / 1-10 Percent Scale

  • 95 percent

    I feel that returning to the Torah as a Biblical foundation is essential for the body of Messiah.

    94 percent

    Learning the Jewish context of the Bible has added value to my walk with God.

    97 percent

    The Jewish context of the Bible is important to a proper understanding of Scripture.

  • 91 percent

    How would you rate Torah Club to other small-group Bible studies?

    90 percent

    I wish every Christian would be a part of Torah Club.

    93 percent

    The $60 annual registration fee is a great value.

  • 88 percent

    Through Torah Club, I have built friendships and connections with other believers in a meaningful way.

    90 percent

    Since joining Torah Club, I have a bigger picture of God's prophetic plan through Israel.

    91 percent

    The Torah Club's resources are substantial and helped me learn.

Strengthen your walk as a disciple.

Torah Club is “where disciples learn.” It's a deep dive into the Word of God designed to move disciples past shallow and repetitive teaching that has bored them for too long. It's a challenging, rewarding, and meaningful study. Torah Club connects with disciples seeking biblical authenticity.

Guided Study Material

Learn the Jewish perspective of your Bible through weekly lesson workbooks and video commentaries.

Ancient Biblical Insights

All materials are derived from thirty years of research into ancient Jewish and Christian sources.

Building Community

Reinforce your learning with meaningful discussion and a community that challenges and inspires you.

Torah Club Membership Includes

Membership Fee $60/year

Torah Club Study Resources

Torah Club Community Access

With a Torah Club membership you receive complete access to lesson workbooks, lesson audiobooks, weekly meetings, video commentaries, and a private social media platform to connect with Students worldwide.

Tools for In-Depth Study

Each week, the in-depth commentary provides the context for an informed discussion. Torah Club teachers introduce each lesson with a 15-minute Portion Connections video teaching, adding further insights and points for discussion.

Free Resources, Discounts, and More

Your membership extends learning and connections far beyond the weekly club meetings, including a subscription to FFOZ’s flagship Messiah Magazine, store discounts, online teachings, and more.

Start Your Journey into Torah Club

Study the Bible Jesus Taught

Step 1

Find a Club

We have hundreds of clubs around the world. Use the Club Finder to find a Torah Club in your area. Contact the club leader to let him or her know you’re interested in joining the club.

Step 2

Join a Club

Once you’ve joined your local or online club, you receive your first set of lesson workbooks. Participate in your meeting each week, discuss the lesson, and enjoy fellowship and friendships.

Step 3

Start Your Journey

Discover the life-changing teachings of Jesus as if for the first time. Realign your faith rooted in the ancient Scriptures of Israel and be strengthened as you dig deep into the Bible.

Annual Membership


One year of Torah Club membership

Student Workbooks in digital, print, and audio format

Weekly viewing of Portion Connections video commentaries during club meeting

Free Club Hub account and Messiah Magazine subscription

Free resources, exclusive event access, store discounts, and more

30-day moneyback guarantee

Boaz Michael First Fruits of Zion Founder and Director

Something Prophetic Happens When Christians Connect with Israel.

Torah Club gets people back into the Bible and causes the Bible to come alive by restoring a Jewish foundation. Torah Club aspires to help people know Jesus and His message better while teaching us how to apply the Bible practically to our lives.

It's a prophetic certitude that Yeshua's disciples will come alongside, partnering with Israel in God's eternal plan with the Jewish people. Begin today by finding a local, in-person Torah Club. If that is not possible, join an online Torah Club. You will connect with other believers devoted to the same journey of discovery and spiritual growth.

May we bring honor to our Messiah Yeshua and help restore His kingdom in our day

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